Stadler Form Aquila Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

Stadler Form Mini Humidifier
Stadler Form Aquila Humidifier

We are always looking for an inexpensive mini humidifier that is easy to travel with or move from room to room and we think we have found one in the Stadler Form Aquila mini humidifier by Stadler Form. It weighs only 2.4 pounds yet can hold 0.8 of a gallon with a humidity output of up to a gallon a day. It is virtually quiet and simple to use with no controls other than an on/off switch.

1. Room Coverage
2. Level of Quietness
3. Filter Life & Cost of Replacement Cartridges
4. Amount of Maintenance Required
5. Anti-bacterial Features
6. Ease of Filling
7. Ease of Operation and Filter Replacement
8. Quality of Construction
9. Humidistat to select desired humidity level & hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room
Not Applicable
10. Frequency of Filling
11. Value for Price


  • Good Room Coverage considering its size and can provide up to a gallon of cool moisture per day
  • Virtually Silent
  • Very easy to operate with simple on/off button
  • Filters are simple to replace
  • Triple water quality protection includes the silver ionic cube, demineralization cartridge and ultrasonic technology to prevent bacteria, germs, and minerals


  • The cost to maintain it can reach the purchase price in 1 to 2 years
  • There is no humidistat to control the desired humidity in the room
  • There is no hygrometer to display the actual humidity in the room


The Stadler Form Aquila ultrasonic humidifier combines the ease of transporting and the low price of a travel mini style humidifier while humidifying a good size area at the same time. We like how easy it was to set this up and operate and that it offers the water protection of the more expensive models. We think the addition of two controls, one to regulate the humidity level and one to control the mist output would be helpful and add more value. However, most persons looking for a small humidifier to travel with or for their personal space are not necessarily looking for an expensive product with all the extras and this is the case with the Aquila.

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