SEBO C2 Vacuum Cleaner; A Perfect Answer to Cat Hair Clean-Up

I have been using the Sebo C2 vacuum cleaner for four years in my summer home which has mostly hardwood floors and the occasional scatter rug. The air driven turbo head is perfect as it goes seamlessly from bare floors to carpeting. I personally prefer using the soft floor brush on my hardwood floors and Sebo has a particularly effectively designed one which does a great job on the hard floor surfaces.

But back to cats. I adore my two Siamese cats Truffles and HoneyBear but cannot figure out why the couches are so much more inviting than their expensive cat baskets. With this in mind, I bought a hand tool which every pet owner should have- the mini turbo brush and I introduced this to my zealous cleaning lady.

The next week she came to me literally beaming and asked if she could buy one from my company as she was so thrilled with the performance of my vacuum cleaner, and less than thrilled with her Kenmore which she said was always in and out of the repair shop. Sebo vacuum cleaners last of years, even with the amount of use she would be giving a vacuum cleaner. In the end, a better vacuum cleaner pays for itself and one less thing to take to the landfill.

The Sebo C2 is not the most expensive vacuum cleaner that we carry and does not have some of the bells and whistles that you might enjoy. For my own use, I want a vacuum cleaner that really cleans well, is tightly sealed so that allergens do not escape from its exhaust and is durable. I also want a good line of accessories that can clip on and off my vacuum without a struggle. And for good measure, I do not want to carry huge a vacuum up and down stairs or push one around giving me an unscheduled work out. So The Sebo C2 vacuum cleaner satisfies all those requirements. It is a little bit bigger than I would ideally like but if you have cats that shed, it is the price you pay if you do not want to be emptying vacuum bags all the time. In four years I have had no trouble with it at all, an occasional sticky cord rewind would be the only thing that I could even begin to critique it for. So like the energizer bunny this vacuum keeps going and going and I have no motivation to change it. I think my cleaning lady would cry if I changed my vacuum cleaner, she loves it so!