Best Portable Air Conditioners

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Yes, we sell portable air conditioners, because they are perfect for allergy sufferers, since they do not breed mold. However, they are not the best answer to everyone’s prayers in the heat wave. For those people who own their own homes there is nothing better than mini-split units or central air conditioning. Central Air is one of the things that has personally helped me most control my own summertime allergies. When I moved into a house with central air conditioning my allergies improved a hundred fold.

However, like many people with central air conditioning, it does not cool the second floor so well and during the summer heat waves weeks of July and August, we always need some extra spot cooling. So I end up begging my husband for days (sometimes weeks) to install the window AC in our bedroom and I cringe as the window frame gets butchered with drilling, screws and duct tape. A portable air conditioner is an alternative to all that work and they provide great spot cooling, just think about your needs.

In our opinion, portable air conditioners are not as effective as regular window air conditioners for cooling a room. They should be used only in situations where regular window air conditioners will not fit or where there is another compelling reason to buy them. The best portable air conditioners on our

MyPowerCool BTU Portable Air Conditioner
MyPowerCool YP10 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

site are the best performing and most reliable of the brands currently available. However in our testing of comparably rated BTU window air conditioners to portable ones, the window ones were the clear winners. Portable air conditioners do best to spot cool hot areas in centrally air-conditioned homes and only in moderately sized rooms with eight-foot ceilings.


We advise our customers if they need to buy a portable air conditioner, to buy the maximum BTU rated machine available, but alternatively to invest in a first-class dehumidifier, which we have found is the driving component to contribute to people’s comfort level.