Verilux Floor Lamp Review – Full Spectrum Natural Lighting

Verilux Floor Lamp Review on Natural Lighting

My husband asked me to find a floor lamp that he could read by, but that did not block the view of a rather special picture we have hanging behind his favorite chair. He is a rare breed of male who likes shopping in retail stores. I on the other hand, do not. So one Saturday night despite gnawing hunger pangs, I trailed around a number of retail stores to no avail. Neither of us could find any lamp we liked. Then on Sunday, I spent hours on the web searching for likely candidates. It was becoming increasingly clearer that we were not going to find an lamp we mutually could agree upon.

Then light dawned! I suggested to my husband that the Verilux floor lamp ($134.95) we sell on our website might in fact fit his requirements. After a quick stop by our warehouse, I came armed with a “present for my Honey.” My husband unpacked the lamp and set it up, needing no instructions, which seemed too good to be true. “How do you like the lamp?” I called hopefully from the kitchen. Silence. Puzzled, I went on an investigative trip to the living room where my husband was standing glumly. I repeated my question and my husband replied slowly “It just is not quite as bright as I thought.” After a quick look at the light, I shook my head. “Honey, just take the white polystyrene packing off the light bulb and I think the light might be a little brighter!”

After making that adjustment, my husband settled into his chair with a satisfied smile. “It is a full spectrum natural light,” said I, doing my promotional spiel, “Closer to real outdoors light, much healthier.” My husband was oblivious to the health benefits and scarcely looked up from his reading. “Just what I was looking for Honey,” he said, adjusting the gooseneck to the perfect position for his reading. I learned something in the process. He did not care about it being a healthy light, but he has noticed the light it gives out is “more comfortable on his eyes.” Mission accomplished.