Ladybug Steam Cleaner Home Uses

I keep finding really great uses for my Ladybug Steam Cleaner! After owning the Ladybug for well over 8 years now it’s been a godsend for me. It’s got so many great uses and you can clean and sanitize hard to reach places you can’t clean in practically any other way. Here are a few of the uses I have discovered:

  • Ants – We had ants late summer, everywhere. I went after the ants’ nests outside on the patio and destroyed it with the steam cleaner. I blew some steam  dry steam right down into the crevice. I could see they were crawling into the house as well as hunting them down on the floor. This was a much healthier for you and your pets because it’s non-toxic alternative to spraying pesticides.
  • Weeds in Patio – Also this last Fall, I tackled weeds in the crevices in our patio by applying steam to them. If my neighbors had seen me, no doubt they would have thought me crazy- but it works nicely without spraying chemicals all over the place.
  • Cleaning the Outdoor Grill – It takes a flare up before my husband decides to clean our grill, which we use both summer and winter but under pressure he cleans the grill, and then gets quite obsessive about it and the tough brush kit of the LadyBug works fabulously well.
  • Stained Throw – I have a very beautiful cat named Truffles who wrecked my silk and velvet throw by Kumi Kokoon and throwing up all over it. Using some Formula 212 Spot Cleaner and some very low level gentle steaming had the throw look like new again. Truffles lived to see another day and is still around.
  • Drain Odor – The drain odor in our kitchen was really fierce last Fall. Apart from cleaning the drain gasket, I used the steamer to really blast out the disposal, and then ground up a lemon in the disposal. I got brownie points in our house for solving that one.
  • Stain on Neighbor’s Couch – I spent one not so lazy Sunday afternoon helping a fairly hysterical friend and neighbor whose husband had just spilled red wine all over their couch, cushions and carpet the night before. Using the Formula 212 spot cleaner to presoak the wine split areas which were very extensive, the Ladybug came to the rescue with a towel and the triangular brush. My neighbor was simply astonished as the velvet couch came back as good as new, and her husband was profoundly grateful for saving his you know what.
  • Rust Stains on Patio – News travels fast in our neighborhood and I was asked if the LadyBug steam cleaner could take the rust stains off a neighbor’s patio. This time I declined to do the job for him and instead showed him how to do it with a tough brush kit and pre-spray with non toxic concrete cleaner. Since patio tiles are porous this was a very tough task but 90% of the stain was removed and my neighbor was thrilled.

    LadyBug Cleaning Carpet
  • Odor in Carpet – We own rental property, and we got a call from a new tenant demanding a new carpet because of dog odor from the last renter. Then the tenant next door to her, thinking her neighbor was about to get a new carpet said that hers was stained as well and she wanted a new one! I told my husband, who thought we should pay about $5K-$6K in new carpet for them, to send our handyman in with the Ladybug steam cleaner. For about $300 in labor we now have happy tenants once more thanks the LadyBug for saving me money.