Ladybug 2200S TANCS Steam Cleaner Review

Ladybug 2200S TANCS Steam Cleaners
Ladybug 2200S TANCS Steam Cleaners

The Ladybug Steam Cleaners receive a five star rating because of their superb quality and ability to sanitize and deep clean almost any surface in your home. Its superheated steam vapor safely and effectively removes dirt, grime, odors, mold, mildew and other potential allergens throughout the home. For advanced cleaning capabilities and certified disinfecting results, the Ladybug 2200S TANCS steam cleaner is as good as it gets for residential steam cleaning!

1. Steam Quality – Temperature, Pressure & Dryness
2. Quality of Accessories & Easy To Put On and Takeoff
3. Ability to Maintain Dry Steam and Pressure
4. Quality of Boiler & Overall Machine Construction
5. Tank Capacity & Length of Cleaning Time Per Tankfull
6. Heat Up Time
7. Ability To Regulate Steam – Quantity of Adjustment Levels & Location (on the handle or unit)
8. Length of Power Cord, Hose & Overall Operating Radius
9. Maneuverability & Ease of Use
10. Safety Features
11. Manufacturer’s Credibility Including Return Policy & Warranty
12. Value For the Price


  • TANCS: Allows for a unprecedented level of chemical free cleaning and disinfection that nears sterilization with regular use. It has an EPA registered number and is lab certified and tested to drastically reduce the level of microbes
  • Top quality boiler: Thanks to TANCS, the standard Ladybug stainless steel boiler lasts even longer because it reduces the internal build up of minerals. The boiler is also supported by a long 8 year extended warranty
  • Quick to heat – easy to refill: Ladybug steam cleaners take about 10 minutes to initially heat up and can be easily filled up whenever you need more water
  • Great DVD instructions: Compared to others, the Ladybug family has the best instructional DVD, manual, and quick application cheat sheet to help you with virtually every cleaning task.
  • Safe to use: It is a very safe machine, not only because you are adding cold water to a cold-water reservoir, but there is a safety trigger on this steam cleaner as well. We have found in testing steam cleaners that we have often burned ourselves, but never with this one.
  • Excellent quality tools: Ladybug tools are of excellent quality and snap on and off easily – it is the tools in a steam cleaner that make all the difference in the speed and effectiveness of the cleaning process
  • Easy to carry: Nicely balanced, compact steam cleaner and easy to carry and move around – we like to put the Ladybug tools in a canvas bag and carry them around with us as we clean each room
  • Will maintain steam pressure for a longer time: Than the standard Ladybug 2200S and 2150S, and has a steam gauge, which the Ladybug 2150S does not
  • Impressive ability to clean stains, caked on deposits, semi-hidden dirt and more: Because the Ladybug runs hotter than most steam cleaners and has better tools, its ability to clean thoroughly is very impressive. TANCS allows you to do tough chores even faster
  • Can use tap water: Instead of bottled water that is highly recommended with the standard Ladybug 2200S if you have hard water
  • Consumes less water and has faster drying times than most other vapor steam cleaners including the standard Ladybug XL2300 and the Ladybug 2200S – a direct result of TANCS.
  • Extended Warranty with TANCS of 3 years on everything and 8 years on the boiler


  • The frequency of the pump turning on when there is a need for more water to be drawn from the cold water reservoir to the boiler can be annoying.
  • It is expensive but worth every penny for anyone who is truly in need
  • We do not recommend steam cleaners as overall carpet cleaners, except with the infrequent upkeep of new carpet, mostly because it is too time consuming for most people. However, steam cleaners on carpets are great for controlling dust mites, and removing stains – especially with the help of a little Formula 212 spot cleaner – is second to none.


For people serious about sanitization and who want a steam cleaner that they can use several hours a week, we highly recommend the Ladybug 2200S TANCS. It’s amazing ability to kill germs, bacteria and more, while lifting dirt, removing stains and dramatically reducing the level of biofilm make it worth every penny for anyone who has severe allergies, asthma or a compromised immune system. This steam cleaner’s ease of use, phenomenal TANCS capabilities, continuous fill technology, safety features, quality of tools, and overall quality of the machine make it a real winner.

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