Full Spectrum Lamps Now Come in Compact Fluorescents

full spectrum light bulbsI confess that I have been wrestling with loving my full spectrum lights which I have all over my home and replacing them dutifully with compact fluorescents which save energy. When I originally had switched to full spectrum I said at the time that there was no turning back since they give off a cleaner, brighter, and more natural light. But now wanting to be a good green citizen, I have been replacing them slowly with regular spiral Verilux compact fluorescents. Now I am thrilled that I can have my cake and eat it too. With full spectrum compact fluorescents available, I am going to buy them by the case and go around the house replacing them. The best thing is that besides saving energy, these last longer too and come in all the shapes such as floods and traditional light bulb shapes that you are used to around the home.