Ebac Orion Dehumidifier Review

Ebac Orion Dehumidifiers
Ebac Orion Dehumidifiers

The Ebac Orion dehumidifier is a sturdy, mobile dehumidifier that will operate under extreme conditions and pull out incredible amounts of moisture from the air. Its secret is its 2 stage cooling process which utilizes an air to air heat exchanger to pre-cool the incoming air before further cooling it as it passes through the evaporator coil to maximize the moisture removal. The result is a removal of up to 105 pints of water per day in a normal environment to 224 plus pints in extreme conditions. This is all done while operating relatively quiet and without using too much electricity. The built in pump and supplied discharge simplifies one’s decision of where to drain all of the water it removes.

1. Room Coverage Based on 24 Hour Moisture Removal
2. Noise Level
3. Low Temperature Operation
4. Quality of the Continuous Drainage Option Included (Ease of hose attachment, location above the ground to improve the flow of water w/ gravity and provides the hose)
5. Bucket Capacity Not Applicable
6. Size, Weight and Maneuverability
7. Ease of Access to Bucket & to Remove and Replace Not Applicable
8. Energy Rating
9. Ability to Access Filter & to Remove, Clean and Re-install
10. Quality of Construction & Warranty
11. Value for the Price


  • Powerful: can move air long distances thanks to a 2 speed very powerful air blower, which allows for fast drying of flooded areas and multiple rooms
  • Quiet Operation: dehumidifiers operate at 57 decibels – quieter than a normal conversation which is 60 decibels
  • Efficient: uses low energy to run dehumidifiers – only 563.5 watts while running for an amazing 7.8 pints per kilowatt hour of electricity used.
  • Built in features: hours run meter, condensate pump with 20 ft. lift
  • Easy mobility: has 2 large durable wheels for transport with a sturdy handle so it is a one man operation although weighing 165 pounds
  • Excellent performance in low temperatures due to its timed Hot Gas Defrost cycle that turns on every 55 minutes for 5 minutes to melt any ice build-up so it can resume dehumidifying for the next 55 minutes down to 33 degrees


  • No humidistat control – however an optional humidity controller can be purchased below
  • Dehumidifier is quite heavy at 165 lbs, yet has 2 large wheels and handle so one person can move it from one area to another


This is a durable, quiet, mobile dehumidifier for large warehouses, storage rooms and tough flooding jobs. The Ebac Orion is an ideal choice if you need quick and dependable drying power for restoration and water damage projects. Its two large back wheels and extra long power cord make moving between job sites a breeze. Its built-in condensate pump saves time and aggravation by continuously pumping the water up into a sink or out a window. With the Orion, there is no humidistat controls so the unit will just run continuously until manually turned off. However, there is a helpful “hours run meter” which will alert the user on how long the dehumidifier has been running. Furthermore, one can purchase the total humidity controller below if they want a humidistat to regulate the humidity. Overall, we give the Orion a very good plus for everything it provides from its large water removal capacity in cold harsh environments, low energy draw, quiet operation, to its one man portability and sturdy construction.

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