Crisp Autumn Air and What it Means for Your Allergies

fall allergies and kleenex

As the summer transitions to fall, people enjoy putting away the pool floats and BBQ grills and replacing them with hot soups and cozy sweaters. However, once the humidity begins to diminish and the crisp autumn air takes its place, some people may notice that their pockets are full of tissues and their noses are runny. Fall allergies make their appearance this time of year and the “crispness” most people enjoy may be making you miserable. Here’s why.

The Humidity Levels Drop

Warm air can hold more water than cool air. During the fall, the earth is tilted away from the sun on its axis and causes the temperatures to drop. As temperatures drop, the humidity levels do as well, leaving less moisture in the air. For some allergy sufferers, this can cause problems. Allergens like dust mites that thrive in high humidity tend to die off in low humidity, however their bodies still stick around and cause allergies to continue.

To help with allergies stemming from low humidity, people often use an air purifier to remove dust mite bodies and excrements and a humidifier to release a light mist of humidity into a room.

Cold Air Bothers Airways

The crisp, chilly air people enjoy in the fall can sometimes make it harder for people with asthma to breathe. Air temperature often has a strong impact on the upper respiratory system. When you breathe in cold air, the fluid that lines your airways usually dries up faster causing them to become irritated and swollen. Cold air may also cause your airways to produce histamine, which triggers wheezing and other asthma symptoms to flare up. Your doctor should be able to offer solutions if you’ve experienced this.

Falling Leaves

Not long after the leaves change color is when they begin to fall off. While raking and burning leaves may be a favorite past time for you, it might be best to avoid it if pollen and mold spores bother your sinuses.

Raking leaves stirs up pollen mixed in with leaves and you’ll likely inhale it whether you want to or not. The tradition of burning leaves is also being banned in many places as it can release toxins into the air and trigger asthma attacks for those that suffer from them.

Fall Allergens are in the Air

Most people enjoy leaf peeping season but the exposure to allergens that goes along with it can make the viewing less enjoyable. Allergens like ragweed can be carried for miles before landing in your nose causing you to feel stuffy when you least expect it. If you’ll be driving around admiring the brilliant fall colors, a portable car air purifier might make the activity more enjoyable.

Learn to Like Fall Again

The fall season may be your worst night mare, but it doesn’t always have to be. Work with your doctor or allergist to find a way to cope with your fall allergies. Try using air purifiers or humidifiers to alleviate the sneezing and coughing. Ultimately, the crispness in the air is just a reminder that the seasons are changing but your lifestyle shouldn’t have to.

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