BlueMax Full Spectrum Floor and Desk Lamps

Bluemax full spectrum lightingBoth my husband and I have come to the age where we no longer want to peer in semi darkness to read, and in fact enjoy a lamp that gives us an agreeable amount of full spectrum illumination. The Bluemax full spectrum lamps are the best we have found to date and my husband uses the desk lamp at work and will read his scientific journals under the floor lamp. I on the other hand, I swear that the font size on all publications gets smaller every year, and the bright but non-glare illumination of these lamps makes reading a pleasure again. I grant you that they are not the highest styled lamps in the world, but they are actually quite pleasant looking, and when we have compared lamps they definitely give off more light than their competitors. So for that reason alone they are worth your consideration. Starting at $179.95

Bluemax full spectrum lamps