4 Vacuum Hacks You’ll Love

dust bunnies under couch

For some people, vacuuming is a chore they’d rather not do. For others, it’s one of their favorite chores. Regardless of which opinion you share, having a clean floor leaves almost everyone feeling accomplished and healthy, knowing that dirt, dander, and dust mites are off the floor. If you’d like to make vacuuming around your house easier and more productive, follow these simple vacuum cleaner hacks!

Masking Tape for Bumpers

Most vacuums should come with rubber bumpers to prevent walls, doors, and furniture from being scratched as you maneuver around your home. If your vacuum doesn’t have a bumper strip, you can apply a piece of masking tape to the edges of your vacuum instead.

Remove Hair with Scissors

Long hair, short hair, or pet hair. Regardless of the type that ends up on your floors, over time it gets caught up in the bristles of your vacuum brush roller and impacts performance and can even damage the motor. If spending hours pulling hair out of the brush doesn’t sound fun to you, carefully take a small pair of scissors and slice through the hair wrapped around the roller.

If you want to forget all about hair-wrapped rollers, a SEBO Vacuum comes with a detachable brush so any hair can simply slide right off the roller!

Vacuuming in Tight Spaces

Vacuuming window sills, keyboards, and other tight spaces can be difficult. While many vacuums come with attachments to get into small places, sometimes you still can’t get the job done. For keyboards or similar tight spots, place a condiment tip (like one you’d see on a ketchup bottle) to the end of your vacuum hose. For window sills, pop a toilet paper roll onto the end of your vacuum hose and then continue vacuuming.

Dryer Sheet in Vacuum

Vacuums tend to have a stale odor to them after multiple uses. If you have a vacuum with a traditional bag, you can put a drier sheet in the bag to keep it smelling fresh each time you use it. For bagless vacuums, remove the vacuum canister and empty it. Once its empty, wipe it down with a wet paper towel to remove any built up, crusty dirt. Leave a drier sheet in the canister to freshen it and remove the sheet before using.