Dehumidifier Troubleshooting Tips

Dehumidifier Trouble Shooting

Dehumidifier Problems

White Fral FDK5 Low Temperature Dehumidifier
Fral FDK5 Low Temperature Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers will work only down to the temperature for which they are designed. If there is no operating temperature stated, then it is a 65 degree model, and it will freeze up below 65 degrees. In some models this will cause the compressor to shut off, allow the ice to melt (could be an hour or so), restart, refreeze, and the cycle continues with no water being removed and the electrical costs mounting. And, unfortunately, in some units, the compressor does not shut off and stays on and the frost on the coils becomes ice that becomes a block of ice that blocks the airflow and eventually burns out the motor. This is why we recommend a low temp dehumidifier for areas of the country where the temperature can fluctuate down to 40 degrees at night.

There is little or no water in the bucket

If your dehumidifier doesn’t seem to run frequently and the humidity in the room remains high, adjust the humidistat control to a drier setting. If the dehumidifier seems to run constantly, but there’s little or no water in the container, there is possibly a problem with the refrigeration system.

  • Try cleaning or replacing the air filter in the unit itself, but if that doesn’t work, you will need a qualified appliance repair person or facility.
Dehumidifier Trouble Shooting Filter
Dehumidifier Filter, size and filter location vary by make, model, and year
The indicator light is on, but the unit won’t run.

The water tank may be completely filled. Most dehumidifiers have a safety switch to turn the dehumidifier off when the water tank is full. It is usually a float inside the tank to trigger this switch and prevent the tank from overflowing. If the tank is empty and the unit doesn’t run, look at the inside wall against which the tank pushes to see if there’s a switch or mechanism present.

  • Sometimes just pushing in the bucket a little differently will press the switch. Also, you may be able to activate or bend the switch slightly with your finger to solve the problem.
The dehumidifier runs, but no air is coming out of the machine

Your dehumidifier has a fan that draws the room air over the coils. If there is no air movement from the unit, it is possible that the fan motor may have burned out.

  • If so, the fan motor may need to be replaced.
There is frost on the coils

The coils you see on the back of your dehumidifier are called the evaporator. When the unit is running, these coils turn ice cold. As the fan draws the moist air over the coils, the humidity in the air condenses on these coils. And if the temperature of the air blowing over the coils is too cool, this condensation will freeze on the coils.

Possible solutions:

  • Add heat to the room in which the dehumidifier is located.
  • Turn the unit off to allow the temperature in the room to rise.
  • Place the dehumidifier on a shelf or table (the air is coolest near the ground).
The container seems to fill up too quickly
Condensate Pump and Tubing
Condensate Pump and Tubing

When the container seems to fill too often, it means your dehumidifier is working properly. However, if the container fills quickly day after day, there may be additional moisture in the air due to a pipe or water leak or an open crawl space. If so, it would be best to correct this problem by stopping the leak or closing off the crawl space. If a leak is not the problem and you can add an external condensate pump if your dehumidifier does not have one, so you do not have to empty the bucket at all.

If replacing it makes the most sense please see our range of Dehumidifiers.

  • rob boldon

    I have a soleus dehumidifier it works fine but the water will not drain out the hose it goes into the collection bucket. whats up

  • rob boldon

    unit works fine will not drain thru the hose

  • Hi Rob,

    First I would double check that there is nothing preventing the water from draining out of the bucket (no plug in the bucket’s outlet or blockage) and same with the drain hose. Second, since it is a gravity drain, make sure you are not running the hose to a drain that is higher than where the dehumidifier is located. If neither of these are an issue, then please call our customer service and one of our experts can walk you through some troubleshooting or get you a replacement part if needed. Both Hayden and Barbara are very knowledgable about this machine. Customer service: 888.236.7231. If you prefer not to call, live chat on the website is available until 11pm everyday EST.

    Hope this helps,


  • Judy

    Operation blue light is flashing on Danby dehumidifier. What does that mean?

  • Hi Judy, Which model do you have?

  • Mark Clutterbrook

    help, i have an amcor hd320 dehumidifier, fan working well, all powers up, not collecting any water and blowing out cold air.our bungalow suffers really bad form condensation in the morning and though a dehumidifier would do the trick but its not collecting anything.

  • Shelley Noyes

    Have a simplicity sdr506rh and the blue light is flashing. Humidity reads at 98% and there is an E1 on the display on the right. Nothing in the manual about error codes. Any experience with this? Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Sorry to be slow getting back, are you still having the problem Shelley? You’re welcome to call our Customer service line @ 1-888-236-7231

  • Stuart.williams

    my Delonghi, dds25 humidifier fan works but when I press the button for the dehumidifier to work, the fan stops and PF appears on the display, the little booklet states that the one of the probes is faulty, Is it an easy fix?

  • I’m not sure you’d be welcome to call us 1-888-236-7231.

  • Pam Brooks Galloway

    I bought the FRAL 100 Low temp dehumidifier last summer. We have had issues all summer…seems to work well when running…but only runs for a few hours then shuts off completely…doesn’t start back up until you push start again???? I thought this was a temperature controlled item? We have scoured the manual and online and cannot figure this out? Please help…I am ready to send back! We keep it set on 50 trying to deter the mold in basement!

  • minoanpower manos

    Hello,i have delonghi dem 10 dehumidifier,and doesnt work at all.
    No lights on no nothing…
    I have check the switch behind water tank also…
    What else might be?
    Thank you.

  • Are you still having a problem? I apologize we’re just seeing this. You’re welcome to call us here 1-888-236-7231

  • You’d be welcome to call one of our dehumidifier experts here at 1-888-236-7231.