Low Temperature Dehumidifier Review Updated: Comfort-Aire 65 Pint

Low Temperature Dehumidifier Review Updated

Comfort Aire 65 Pint Low Temperature Dehumidifiers
Comfort Aire 65 Pint Low Temperature Dehumidifiers

As part of our “real life” testing procedures that AllergyBuyersClub.com conducts, I have been testing the Comfort-Aire 65 pint low temperature dehumidifier in my humid 1000 square foot basement.

Prior to my testing this unit, I had been testing 2 smaller units from other manufacturers that were each rated to do about 500 square feet each. Even with both of these smaller units running at the same time, I had been unable to maintain the humidity level below 57% even with both units running almost continuously.

In fact the lowest reading I had been able to reach, but not maintain, had been 53%.

I then set up theComfort-Aire 65 pint low temp dehumidifier for constant draining with the easy-to-use draining tube that is included, put the fan speed on low, and turned the unit on along with just one of the smaller units. Within 6 hours the humidity had dropped to 43%. So I turned off the smaller dehumidifier unit since it was clearly not needed, and just left the Comfort-Aire running. The Comfort-Aire was set for 50% humidity and has been maintaining a 50% level on low fan speed ever since. I have also tested the Comfort-Aire dehumidifier with the setting at 45% and it seems to maintain that level as well, but since I only need to keep the humidity at 50% to prevent mold, I have reset it to run at 50% to save electricity. The unit is relatively quiet and the fan and compressor both shut off when the humidity level has been reached. It is the best residential basement dehumidifier I have tested.

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