Antifungal Socks – Also Known as Copper Socks

Antifungal Socks
Antifungal Socks

Check out our new Antifungal Socks that have copper ions embedded into the yarn to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, fungus and odors in the sock. Copper ions are also proven to help improve skin.We came across these socks a couple of years ago but never thought any more about them until my husband complained to me of itchy rashes on his feet and ankles. As his complaints became more frequent and his accusations of my doing something deliberately to torture him got louder, I decided to take action. Here I said one day- “I have bought you three expensive pairs of socks as a treat- see what you think”. Well be warned as to what follows. My husband returned with a big smile on his face a couple or so days later, waved his hand in a grand manner and said, “Throw out all my socks, I am never going to wear anything else!”

One part of me was not exactly thrilled to hear this, even though I was naturally pleased that my husband’s rashes and itching had stopped. I bought another 12 pairs in crew styling and then of course eventually the others in different styles and colors. I kept a few other socks around for emergencies for a while, but the itching returned and so did the complaints. Along the way, I grew resentful that he had all these swanky, healthy socks – so I started to replace my own. From my own perspective, they are just the most comfortable socks I have ever worn, and important if you wear socks every day. Prior to this, a sock has been just a sock to me, but if anyone in your family has foot problems, these Copper Socks are a must have and make a great gift. So far they are wearing very well.

Starting at $39.95 for three pair. Antifungal Socks are available at Allergy Buyers Club