Vacuum Cleaners Review for Allergy Sufferers

Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Miele Complete C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

I’m not a big fan of vacuuming, I really dislike changing vacuum bags and the usual vacuum cleaner noise is really unpleasant, I just wish my house never got dirty! That being said, how do I make a wise choice of vacuum cleaner since now we are all told that a HEPA vacuum cleaner is the thing to buy?
Nowadays, allergy sufferers can choose from a wide selection of models and brands. In my experience that this is one of the few appliances where paying a bit more, yields dividends in terms of reliability and performance. Choosing a new vacuum cleaner can now be a daunting prospect, as all the major vacuum cleaner manufacturers seemingly offer the same choices and it is only when you take a closer look do you start to see the fine differences between so that you can choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs and tastes.

Things to consider:

Miele Dynamic U1 Twist Vacuum Cleaner
1. Basic Style

Do you want a canister or upright vacuum cleaner? Do you have mostly carpets? If you a ton of carpets, then a traditional upright vacuum cleaner might be the best choice for you as uprights have a beater bar which churn up dirt embedded below the surface of carpeting. On the other hand, if you have mostly bare floors and a few scatter rugs, then a canister can move seamlessly from one to the other and not make wheel marks on your hardwood floors.

2. More Vacuums

Central and Handheld. I feel compelled to mention both these types of vacuum cleaners. Handheld vacuum cleaners to my mind are only good as gifts for Father’s day or if you live in an apartment and it is the only way to clean your car. Some people swear by them but for sweeping crumbs up off the counter a paper towel does well and just one of those Flymop or equivalent does quite an adequate job on a few extra floor crumbs. I suppose that vacuuming the stairs in a hurry could be a use but I just do not like them. They last for about 10 to 15 minutes and then you have to shake the dirt out of a microscopic container.

Central Vacuums are wonderful for allergy sufferers and all those who want to change the bag only twice a year. The hose also extends a long way, somewhere in the region of 30 plus feet. I love our central vacuum cleaner- but I have mixed feelings about it mainly because the tools are often hard to find and I still haven’t gotten used used to carrying around yards of hose which is never hung up in a nice orderly fashion, is your garden hose?, and even with the improvements to the weight of the hose they are just inherently awkward. That being said, central vacuum cleaners are the most allergy friendly vacuums of all, because there are no local room emissions of particles of any kind, that all takes place quite a distance away and probably in the basement where the noise is deafening. They also last for years but need professional installation. Believe it or not they can be retrofitted to an existing home.

3. HEPA Filters

I used to sneeze like crazy when I vacuumed, but nowadays a good post motor HEPA filter and if possible an entire sealed unit, the vacuum’s encasings do the trick. One common feature of HEPA filters in Miele vacuums is how easy it is remove and replace them.

Sebo X4 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
4. Weight and Comfort

Some vacuum cleaners feel pretty heavy, like many uprights, it can often feel like moving a huge rock around which is why I personally favor canisters, but even some canisters are like great lumps with no real swivel ability and others obey you without a hitch. Some handles fit into my hand nicely, and my favorites have all the speed and mode controls right on the handle which has me actually use the controls as the manufacturer intended rather than bending down all the time to adjust controls. Of the uprights the Sebo Automatic X4 is by far the lightest.

5. Attachments

Are you a basic floor type of vacuum cleaner user? If so, then attachments, their number and quality, will not make any difference to you. On the other hand, no good vacuum should be without a small army of cleaning attachments. In regards to attachments, I have found that Miele vacuums offer the best selection and in uprights that honor belongs to Sebo. Canister vacuums are much easier to use with attachments. For upright vacuum cleaners, it is clearly an afterthought since the tools have to go in the closet instead of the vacuum and the hose is so short that the vacuum cleaner tips over when you use the attachments. If you have decided you are an attachment user then be mindful some manufacturers offer nice big dusting brushes with a huge difference in the quality of floor attachments. I personally use my vacuum cleaner on my tile floors in my kitchen and bathrooms.

6. Noise

A lot of people do not think a vacuum cleaner is doing its job unless it makes the noise of small train. One international manufacturer I know actually made their vacuum cleaners noisier in order to have people think they were doing their job better! In the US we generally like them quieter and we think noisy means low quality and cheaper, so the US market has some manufacturers muffle the noise with insulating materials.

7. Features: