Steam Cleaning Equipment Review – Ladybug Steam Vapor Cleaner

Steam Cleaning Equipment – Vapor Cleaner Review

Editor’s note. Somehow it has taken years for us to do a formal review of our best selling steam cleaner. We are enthusiastic proponents of vapor steam cleaning and I was reminded what a great machine the Ladybug is after using it on my father’s condo in London recently.

Good for someone who:

Most Important Features:

REVIEW – Rating – Excellent

The Ladybug and VaporJet steam cleaners all come from the same factory and share the same high quality tool sets and accessories.

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The Ladybug steam cleaner is our best selling and a five star rated machine and for good reason. If you want a superb quality machine, this steam cleaner will not let you down.



Because the Ladybug runs hotter than most steam cleaners and has better tools, its ability to clean is thoroughly very impressive. Here are some of the problems we have tackled and been very satisfied with the results.


The Ladybug is our favorite steam cleaner. It’s ease of use, continuous fill, safety features, quality of tools, and overall quality of the machine make it a winner. We had to think very hard to come up with any minuses for the LadyBug. This is the favorite appliance of the clean freaks, and you know if you are one of them!

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