Sinus Infection Survival Tips for Sinusitis Relief

Sinus Survival

Many Allergy Consumer Review readers have asked about what we think of the book “Sinus Survival” or have asked for one good read on the topic of sinuses. So, here is our answer.

“Sinus Survival”- A Gold Mine of Information
The book, “Sinus Survival” by Robert Ivker DO. is a veritable gold mine of information to the sinus, asthma or allergy sufferer who wants to heal their body by natural methods. Dr Ivker believes the reason at the core of the proliferation of sinusitis, is the increase in outdoor air pollution and the decrease of indoor air quality in our homes. Dr Ivker goes into great detail as to the reasoning behind his recommendations. He believes in an extensive vitamin and mineral supplementation program (listed in his book) plus the following core elements.

Book review on information for the sinus, asthma, or allergy suffer who wants alternative remedies