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Silk Comforter Review

Silk Comforter Review – Lightweight and Hypoallergenic

Silk comforters are an important part of our business and I have been doing the ‘rough’ work of educating myself to the differences between brands and what makes a silk comforter worth using for a summer bedding choice.

Monarch Hypodown Hypoallergenic Comforter

Generally when the weather around Boston gets warmer we reluctantly put away our heavenly Monarch Arctic Hypodown comforter. My husband has previously said he was too cold before we got the Hypodown comforter is now complaining of being too warm. This opened the way for me to turn our bedroom into yet another laboratory – this time a silk comforter and at the mention of silk my husband has now ‘reluctantly’ become experimental participant.




I am thrilled with my Mulberry West Silk Filled Comforters as a summer addition to my bed. It feels extremely luxurious and it has just the right of warmth for the warmer weather.

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