Revitin Toothpaste Review

Revitin Toothpaste

A few months ago if you had told me that I would be raving about toothpaste, I would have told you “No way, I hate all toothpaste!” This was true until I encountered Revitin. What’s more brushing my teeth was a real chore because I thought all toothpaste tasted close to disgusting!

I was in my dentist’s office one day in May 2010 and he asked whether I used Colgate toothpaste, and when I replied that I did, he told me that he was advising all his patients to stop using it. What he told me that was astonishing was that if I cared to read the small print on a regular toothpaste box[who can squint that small?] that I would find that most likely it contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which was toxic. This news did not sit well with me. He also told me that a new toothpaste called Revitin would help restore bleeding gums and control plaque .He had tried it himself and could vouch for it. What’s more the toothpaste was infused with all sorts of vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, MSM, Co-Enzyme Q10, and Calcium. Nothing loathe, I bought two dispensers of Revitin for my husband and myself.

So be warned once you start on this toothpaste you will be hooked! It actually has a very pleasant citrus flavor which makes brushing ones teeth an entirely different experience. The surprise in the experience is the toothpaste comes out brown as it does not have any bleaching agents in it but strangely enough my teeth do seem to be whiter. I go back to the dentist this fall and I will be interested to hear if my oral health has improved in their eyes. For me Revitin toothpaste has eliminated my thinking that brushing my teeth is a chore- now I actually look forward to it!