Mold Cleaning Tips

Mold Exposure Symptoms

The health problems that occur as a result of mold can be felt sometimes can be felt immediately (acute) or can be longer term (chronic). The immediate problems that are often associated with exposure to high levels of mold include the following:

If someone removes himself or herself from the mold source in what usually is known as a sick building these symptoms usually disappear shortly thereafter.

There are also chronic conditions, which are associated with high levels of mold exposure. These are often quite difficult to diagnose and patients have often been accused of hypochondria. These chronic conditions include:

What is disturbing is that these conditions may not go away immediately or ever even after the person is removed from the mold source and indeed their condition may even worsen. The mycotoxins emitted by mold spores have been postulated to be particularly toxic and research is currently underway to pinpoint the disease and mycotoxin link.

How do you know you might have mold?

A quick visual tour of your house might give you some clues

Preventing Mold Growth

Conventional wisdom recommends opening the windows to increase ventilation this well may not be enough to eliminate or prevent mold from growing.

BGG Digital Hygrometer Thermometer Clock
  1. The outside air may well be more humid and increase the indoor humidity.
  2. The outdoor air at certain times of the year is laden with additional mold.
  3. Your first line of defense is check your home for all leaks sources – roof, gutter, plumbing and drainage problems.
  4. Use exhaust fans both in bathrooms and kitchen and keep those fans running for 10 to 15 minutes after cooking or bathing.
  5. We recommend keeping the indoor humidity at about 50%, which is below the threshold
    where most molds are known to flourish. Monitor moisture levels with a hygrometer.
  6. Use a low temperature dehumidifier in your basement to keep mold at bay. Basements are notorious as mold breeding grounds.
  7. While prevention is better than cure, room hepa air purifiers, air sterilizers and high-efficiency furnace filters will catch the remaining mold spores.

Household Mold Cleaning Tips

House Mold Cleaning:

Moldy Kitchen:

Moldy Bathroom:

Moldy Basement:

WhiteWing Defender Dehumidifier

Housing Materials

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