Latex Soft Hypoallergenic Pillows

Latex PillowsOur latex pillows come in three levels of firmness and when checking around to our staff, I found that “Latex Soft” is by far and away the outright winner. I have fallen in love with these pillows, which are wonderfully scrunchy and as a side sleeper, I like a nice responsive pillow. I like these pillows so much I have put them in every bedroom of our home and am confident that they will last at least 10 years which makes them an outright bargain. Coupled with that they are dust mite resistant which means I do not have to purchase dust mite encasings for them. Before I bought these pillows I was somewhat skeptical of a “rubber pillow” having slept on down for my entire life – but these latex pillows made a believer out of me. A perfect pillow does not always have to be made out of down.