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Ladybug Tekno 2350 Steam Cleaner Review

Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS Steam Cleaners
Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS Steam Cleaners

The Ladybug brand has long been known for designing top of the line steam cleaners, and once again they have introduced a steam cleaner that goes a step above when it comes down to sanitizing and deodorizing virtually any area throughout the home. The Ladybug Tekno 2350 steam cleaner is a residential and/or commercial vapor steam cleaning system for the person who desires and needs to do some serious cleaning. After putting it to the test we were amazed with its pristine performance and how easy it was to operate. Also, the optional trolley cart allows one to get around their home very easily and it will house all of the cleaning attachments and accessories. The digital readout that tells you the current internal boiler temperature and pressure is very helpful to determine the quality of the present steam. The Ladybug Tekno 2350 will certainly sanitize any surface and get the job done whether you own a cleaning business or are serious about keeping the home in tip-top shape without any lingering germs, allergens or chemicals.

1. Steam Quality – Temperature, Pressure & Dryness
2. Quality of Accessories & Easy To Put On and Takeoff
3. Ability to Maintain Dry Steam and Pressure
4. Quality of Boiler & Overall Machine Construction
5. Tank Capacity & Length of Cleaning Time Per Tankfull
6. Heat Up Time
7. Ability To Regulate Steam – Quantity of Adjustment Levels & Location (on the handle or unit)
8. Length of Power Cord, Hose & Overall Operating Radius
9. Maneuverability & Ease of Use
10. Safety Features
11. Manufacturer’s Credibility Including Return Policy & Warranty
12. Value For the Price




We decided to clean 3 areas of the home with the Ladybug Tekno 2350 and it did not cease to amaze us as we completed each part. First, we went into the bedroom where there were numerous spots and soap scum collected on the sink and tub. With use of the nozzle and large nylon brush most of these stubborn stains were removed on the first pass with the Tekno. The few stubborn spots were quickly removed after spraying some Formula 212 on the area and then passing over it the second time. We then went to a small area rug in the entrance to the bedroom that had been subjected to high traffic and went over with the small triangular brush and towel to bring it back to life. The 2nd area was the bathroom where in just a quick matter of time the toilet, sinks, and mirrors all sparkled. The 3rd and final area was the kitchen where the Ladybug Tekno cleaned the microwave, refrigerator, outside of the oven, and the sink beyond our expectations. We next used the window squeegee on the top of our glass top ceramic stove. For once it was nice to achieve a sparkling shine on the stove without the lingering smell of traditional household cleaners. The Tekno was even able to effectively deodorize and conquer the ever so smelly garbage disposal and drain. As we tackled each area we were highly impressed with how the Tekno consistently maintained (sometimes for several minutes at a time) a desirable and powerful operating pressure with high temperature, dry steam of well over 200 degrees. Our conclusion is that the Ladybug Tekno 2350 TANCS steam cleaner is worth every penny, especially if it is used to its potential, which is basically to clean just about any area of your home plus the inside of your car.

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