LadyBug Steam Cleaners: The Green Way to Clean

Recently, I have been interviewed by newspapers all around the country on the subject of steam cleaning. My office calls me the “Queen of Steam”. You can read articles in the Chicago Tribune and now the Boston Sunday Globe. The Washington Post just came out today! You can also see me doing my thing on the Designing Spaces “Think Green” TV show this month playing on local cable stations across the country. I do a quick demo of some products including the Ladybug steam cleaner.

I have used the same LadyBug steam cleaner for almost 10 years and it is one cleaning tool I cannot imagine being without. I have written so extensively on this topic in the archives of Allergy Consumer Review that journalists have told me “it is more information then they will ever need!” However, they have all asked me the same question “What have you personally used a steam cleaner for in your own home?” I first of all explain to them that steam cleaning is the healthiest way to clean without supermarket chemicals, and it is green since you are not contributing to indoor pollution or trashing supermarket plastic bottles. I also tell journalists that as an allergy sufferer, I can kill dust mites from any surface; beds, carpets or upholstery. The lack of chemicals in my house has eliminated headaches from my vocabulary. I tell the media that a steam cleaner is the most powerful cleaning tool imaginable, and it has saved my proverbial you know what when facing a myriad of tricky and almost impossible cleaning challenges. Here are some of the more notable ones, and maybe some will resonate with you.

When I reread the list above it makes me sound like some cleaning obsessed nutcase which I am not. However, I do like my home to be really clean and a powerful way to clean without using chemicals has been a godsend over the years. Ladybug steam cleaners are not cheap starting at $999.95 but they last a long time, are very effective and have paid for themselves many times over. We also offer an exclusive Free $30 bonus tool kit with every Ladybug steam cleaner. For the ultimate in vapor steam cleaning, see what the Ladybug with TANCS can do!

The Whitewing steam cleaner due to a manufacturer increase is going up in price on May 1st – so you can save $50 on the sale price of $449.95 until then. It also has a bonus warranty which is a $79.95 value.

You can see our full selection of steam cleaners here. We currently have some great deals on reconditioned ladybug steam cleaners that are on clearance where you can save up to $360! We also have a new line of Reliable steam cleaners starting at $399.95 that are a good value steamer.