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Best Home Dehumidifier Features

What Does the Dehumidifier Sizing of 70, 50, or 30 Mean?

The rating for dehumidifiers is the capacity in pints. The pint rating is the amount of water a dehumidifier is capable of removing in a 24 hour period, for example if it’s rated at 70 pints, it is rated to remove 70 pints in 24 hours. Make certain that the dehumidifier has automatic defrost (freeze control). This ensures maximum moisture removal with no off time for manual defrost. Compare this to not having a frost free refrigerator.

What are the Features do the Best Dehumidifiers Have?

  1. Adjustable humidity control, allows you to adjust your desired humidity level.
  2. Auto restart the dehumidifier will restart if the electricity goes out after a power outage or surge.
  3. Indicator light helps make it clear that the dehumidifier is running. If you’re not close to the dehumidifier it can sometimes be hard to know it’s running.
  4. Auto shutoff, this shutoff works when the drain pan is full the dehumidifier will shut off.
  5. Hose connection so it can automatically drain and you don’t have to empty the bucket. It’s best to have the connection threaded, like a garden hose. It should be set up, so that all you have to simply to attach it to the dehumidifier and run to a drain opening.
  6. Automatic reset, it’s a super useful feature once the drain pan has been emptied, the dehumidifier will start without pressing buttons etc.
  7. Adjustable humidistat (30 to 80%).
  8. Filter to remove particles from the air is really preferable. It can really help you decrease smells and other odors in the air.

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