Gruene 2-in-1 Handheld Steam Cleaner Mops

Gruene Steam Clean Mops

Right now in the Northeast we are all coping with salty, crusty footprints of spouses and children at home as they try and sneak by the “No Outdoor Shoes Inside” rule and think we do not SEE their little trail of evidence eating away at our nice hardwood floors. For this problem, you need to whip out a steam floor mop on a daily basis before you throttle them. The Gruene Two-in-One Handheld Steam Cleaner & Mop is best used as a floor mop, but it does detach so you can tackle a few other countertop clean-up chores left by the kitchen invaders. We are selling quite a few of these at the moment. The attachments are not as robust compared to my Ladybug steam cleaner, but then I remind myself of the price of the Gruene which is astonishingly low at under $189.95, and then I think at that price, it is super value.

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