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Some of you have wondered why we are now offering EMF shielding devices on I regard EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequency) as yet another environmental pollutant presenting a potential hidden health hazard. Let me be clear that our 8-month investigation into these products is a personal one since my husband has terminal brain cancer and we wanted to investigate the possible links between brain cancer and heavy cell phone use. The reality is that while recent studies are suggestive of a link, so much so that a Senate hearing was held recently on this topic, more in-depth studies need to be done with large numbers of cell phone users to raise the level of proof from suggestive to incontrovertible scientific links. In the meantime, what is the average person going to do while over the next decade while the scientists who are worried about this issue conduct studies? In my own family life we decided to take the path of “better safe than sorry”, and have taken steps to reduce EMFs in our own home. This is a list of the action items that we have taken to date:

There is much more that we can do, but this is where we have started at home. In our offices we have been testing whether the EMF shielding devices that are on the market actually work. It is time consuming endeavor but as usual we do want to be able to give people well researched advice. The EMF Shielding devices on our site start as low as $19.95 and are simple to install on your cell phone or computer.

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