Comfortaire Dehumidifier – Perfect for Damp Basements

As company president, I am often asked which dehumidifier do I use in my own basement? I use two dehumidifiers one of them being the Comfort-Aire low temperature dehumidifier which I have hooked up with a pump to my furnace in a room which abuts the finished space of about 800 square feet. I have been using the Comfort-Aire for four summers

Comfort Aire 65 Pint Low Temperature Dehumidifiers

without any problem at all. It has been amazingly reliable and most certainly gets the job done. I set it at fifty degrees and monitor its performance throughout the space with a humidistat. We routinely have power outages each summer and because of Auto Restart, as the saying goes the Comfort-Aire keeps going and going. For the price, I do not expect it to last forever but I certainly think it gives good value for the money.