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Certified Organic Dust Mite Covers Reviews

Certified Organic Dust Mite Covers
Certified Organic Dust Mite Covers

Certified Organic dust mite encasements for your pillows, mattress, and box spring. 100% chemical free and undyed. SKAL certified. Tested and proven to be a barrier against dust mites.

1. Barrier to Dust Mites (pore size less than 10 microns)
2. Barrier to Dust Mite Allergens (pore size less than 6 microns)
3. Fabric Quality
4. Zipper Quality
5. Construction Quality
6. Sleeping Comfort (quiet and discrete under sheets – no plastic feel)
7. Easy to put on
8. Breathability
9. Durability
10. Value for Price
11. Manufacturer’s Warranty




We are very pleased to offer these Certified Organic dust mite barrier covers to our customers. These encasements have been manufactured with the upmost care to ensure a quality product that is not only tested and certified to be organic by SKAL, but has also been tested by IBT Reference Lab to be a proven allergen barrier after performing a “use simulation test” that attempts to determine if dust mite allergens will pass through the fabric as a result of your movement in bed. On top of the certification and testing, these barrier encasements are manufactured using absolutely no chemicals or dyes. The fabric is soft and lightweight, and offers an easy fit with sturdy, hard plastic zippers. The Mattress encasements zip along 3 sides to facilitate the process of putting them on.

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