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BeneSleep Bed Bug Covers Review

BeneSleep Bed Bug Covers
BeneSleep Bed Bug Covers

When in search of good bed bug covers you need a cover that not only prevents bed bugs from escaping but also prevents bed bugs from biting. A good bed bug cover must also be breathable for a comfortable night’s sleep. The BeneSleep bed bug covers protect from bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens while providing water resistant protection and breathable for comfort.

1. Bed Bug Bite Proof
2. Bed Bug Escape Proof
3. Zipper Quality
4. Tightness of Seams
5. Quality of Mattress & Pillow Covers
6. Quality of Box Spring Cover
7. Sleeping Comfort: quiet and soft under sheets (no plastic feel)
8. Breathability
9. Easy to put on
10. Manufacturer’s Warranty




The BeneSleep Bed Bug Covers are very user-friendly and come nicely packaged. Because the mattress and box spring covers are extra deep, they are easy to slide your mattress and box spring inside, however this is usually not a 1 person job due to the size of a mattress. The zippers on the covers are easy to use and glide smoothly making it easy to get a secure close which is essential to making sure bed bugs can not enter or escape. After I got my bed fully encased and made up I did notice that because of the extra deep corners there was some bagging under my sheets that took away for the crisps look of a freshly made bed. If this would bother you then you’d be better off with getting the mattress covers that come in different depths so you can get a “best-fit”. See our White Mountain Textiles Bed Bug Covers. One other thing to note about these covers is that they are more vinyl feeling than our other covers, however they are still comfortable to sleep on without getting too hot or feeling like your sleeping on a plastic mattress. The bottom line is these covers do what they are supposed to and offer a great value with outstanding protection against bed bugs, dust mites and water spills. They are covered by a 3 year warranty which sufficiently protects your investment, and we believe these will last much longer than the warranty period.

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