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Bed Bug Mattress & Pillow Covers – NEW

Bed Bug Mattress & Pillow Covers – NEW
Bed Bug Mattress Covers

We now offer bed bug covers and they are different than dust mite encasings because believe it or not bed bugs can crawl through the pore size of regular dust mite encasing. Apparently you can bring back bed bugs from an airplane luggage area passed onto you by a fellow traveler’s baggage. I asked the question recently- how do you know whether you have bed bugs? The answer is you can see them, as they are visible to the naked eye. And they will bite you at night that give you little bite marks on your skin – enough said.

The SecureSleep encasement sets are made out of a soft and breathable micro-polyester and have a nano-urethane inner lining. Because of this lining, these covers are also a barrier to dust mites and their allergens as well as being liquid resistant. We also offer extra pillow covers in travel, standard, queen and king size and a crib mattress cover.

Starting at $14.99 for pillow covers. Bed Bug Covers are available at Allergy Buyers Club

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