Best Air Cleaners and Dust Removal

We sometimes hear from a small sliver of our customers, who buy our air purifier to “remove dust” from their house. Often we hear from them a short time later and they are disappointed when they still see dust collecting around their home; on furniture and shelves, rooms where they put an air purifier for dust removal.

Why isn’t my air purifier help the dust in my house?

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Air purifier are great at removing dust and particles of all shapes and sizes, but those particles have to remain airborne in order for the air purifier to pick them up. (It is similar to expecting a vacuum cleaner to sweep up a mess, that is not on the floor, it has to be accessible to be swept up.) Visible dust that we see, consists of larger particles with a good amount of weight. Regardless of the size of the air purifier, many particles land on different things in the room before they get close to the air purifier. To be clear, some of those larger particles will make it into the machine, but many simply will not make it to the air purifier.

Air cleaners work best on dust with particles that remain airborne and float for a time. Air cleaners and air purifiers are designed to collect the tiny dust particles that float in the air the longest are often much smaller than what we can see. When this tiny dust does collect on furniture it is pretty much impossible to see them. These tiny particles are often the most troubling because they are the ones that would pass right through our nose’s  defenses and lodge in our lungs. The tiny size is the type that bothers us the most even though we can’t see them. They are often the type that gives us the most problems with allergies, so while it may seem that an air purifier is not removing many larger particles, or visible dust, it is working just fine on the particles that it is mainly designed to collect and actually causing our allergies.

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If you have allergies, it is important to continue dusting and cleaning your home to lower the your exposure to allergens even if you have an air purifier. Regularly cleaning your home will mean that less tiny particles will collect around your home, lower your exposure to VOCs, and keep you feeling healthier. Should you have a chemical senstivity to cleaners, using a vapor steam cleaner to clean in areas that can get wet and  heavier dust that lands on furniture needs to be dusted or vacuumed is best cleaned with a HEPA vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will make sure that dust only goes into your vacuum not out.

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