How Healthy is Your Indoor Air?

Dangerous and unhealthy air quality isn’t just something plaguing third-world nations: the American Lung Association (ALA) State of the Air 2015 report found that more than 4 out of 10 people in the United States – that’s nearly 24 million people — live in counties that have unhealthful levels of ozone or particle pollution. The average adult breathes in about 3,000 gallons of air every day –and that means your lungs act as natural air filters….making the ALA’s findings all the more troublesome.

High levels of ozone and air pollution are especially difficult for those with breathing sensitivities like asthma, severe allergies or people with already-compromised immune systems. Children, too, are especially vulnerable to poor air conditions, since their bodies are still forming and are naturally more sensitive to contaminants. [1]

NASA has also concluded that toxic air conditions can wreak havoc on human populations. “In most cases, the most toxic pollution lingers for a few days or even weeks, bringing increases in respiratory and cardiac health problems at hospitals. Eventually the weather breaks, the air clears, and memories of foul air begin to fade. But that’s not to say that the health risks disappear as well. Even slightly elevated levels of air pollution can have a significant effect on human health. Over long periods and on a global scale, such impacts can add up.”[2]

The ALA’s State of the Air findings also touched on short-term spikes in particle pollution, which “can last from hours to several days and can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and emergency room visits for asthma and cardiovascular disease, and most importantly, can increase the risk of early death.” [3]

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IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier
IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

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IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier
IQAir GC Multigas Air Purifier

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